About Us

Derek’s Auto Detail opened its doors in 2002.  Since then we have been working hard to exceed our customers’ expectations with our skilled technicians and outstanding customer care.  

We work in a rich familial atmosphere and enjoy the opportunity to impress our customers by offering personalized service.  By assisting our customers through education of our options and services, we allow for customers to confidently make choices that suit their needs.

Skilled technicians give customers vehicles a makeover meeting their specifications.  Because of the quality car washing and cleaning services we provide, we present our customers the opportunity to enjoy their vehicle anew, aesthetically improve or transform the quality,
or maintain the quality of their vehicle.

Thank you Seattle for your patronage and your referrals!!

"Striving to make vehicles anew since 2002."

Derek’s Auto Detail Mission

It is our mission to create impressions resulting in long lasting relationships
and a rapport that exudes our passion for aspiring towards a strong, ethical and profitable company. 


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