Additional Services

Please call to schedule a Check-In Time/Appointment  Open at 8:00 a.m.  Mon - Sat

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Additional Services and Optional Services:

Shop Fee:  Our standard hourly shop fee is $65/hour.   ( 15 minute minimum for most cases) 


Odor Removal:  Additional time, processes, and products may be required to remove certain odors.  Our technicians work hard to determine the source, if unknown, and remove the odor.  Whether upon request, or upon inspection, additional charges may apply.  
Also See: Enzyme Treatments,  Ozone Treatment, Big D Fogger, and others from below.  

Price:  Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $65.00/hr


Unsightly Stains:  Stains can be tricky.  We do our very best to remove your unwanted stains, however, because of a multitude of variables we cannot guarantee they will disappear or look different.  We will guarantee that the area will be clean and we do guarantee that we will give our very best to remove it completely or to minimize it as much as possible.     ( Also, see #6 complete interior on the main menu)                                                                                                           

Price:  Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $65.00/hr

Enzyme Treatments:
The application of an Enzyme Treatment works to neutralize organic matter that may be causing an odor and/or molds including excrement, vomit, food, and perishables.  There are times this process must be repeated.

                                                                                          Price:  $25 for each application required

Ozone Treatment:   An Ozone Generator is the most effective odor removal tool available.   Ozone Shock Treatments Kill Mold, Germs & Odors Permanently such as skunk odor to mold, smoke, bacteria, waste, chemical odors, ozone is the most powerful solution.  Even in water, Ozone is 3187 times more effective than chlorine as a germicide

Price:  $20 per 30 minute interval

Odor Fogger:
  Big "D" Odor Control Fogger is a deodorant we can use that oxidizes odor elements in the air.  It’s effective for removing smoke and fire odors, most animal odors, mustiness, pesticides, and other annoying odors regardless of the source.

Price:  $25 for each application required

Treating Mildew/Moisture:
You may know the cause of moisture in your car or it may be a sneaky leak.  There are different reasons that moisture will show up inside your vehicle.  Whatever the reason, our technicians will pull out every trick in the book to get your vehicle dry.

Price:  Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $65.00/hr

Leather Conditioner:  Applying a quality leather conditioner is simply good maintenance. It helps prevent your leather from cracking & tearing.  It works hard to alleviate the staining from certain dyes used in clothing.  Prices will depend on the condition of leather upon check-in.  It’s D-lux!

Prices Start at:  Cars $45 • Mid-size SUVs/Crossovers/Wagons/Small Trucks $55 • Large SUV’s/Trucks with Cargo/Vans $60

Fabric Guard:
 This stain repellant is great for both new or just-cleaned fabrics and carpets.  It can help lengthen the life of fabrics and it makes liquid messes much easier to clean up.

Price:  $60 - $80


Mold Removal:
  Mold spores are very dangerous and it’s the last thing you want to be breathing in your vehicle.  Point out your areas of concern at your Service Explanation.  If we find it, we will bring it to your attention and help you understand what the process to remove it may entail.  No worries ~ we’ve seen it before.

Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $65.00/hr


Aquapel Water Repellent:  Rain drops bead up and roll off your front windshield improving vision.  Keeping Aquapel on your windshield on a regular basis makes for easier removal of ice & snow.  Each application typically last a few months.  You’ll love it!  We do!

Price: $19.95 for the front windshield

Teflon Paint Sealant:  This burly wax is more likely to give your exterior a bit of a shine as well as better protect your paint from the dirt and bugs and road tars that adhere to it and compromise its integrity.  If your paint is compromised you may find us suggesting this upgrade to improve the integrity of protection.

$25 - $40 additional when upgrading from #5, #9, #7

Headlight Restoration:
  Are your headlights getting foggy?  Have us restore the exterior surface of your headlights to help increase visibility and aesthetic appeal.     We have two options depending on the foggy severity of your headlights.
Standard is a wash, machine polish, and sealant to the headlights. 
3-Step is a wash, wet-sand compound polish,  machine shine polish, and then add sealant to the headlights. 

Standard 2 step polish:
$25 for one headlight
$45 per pair

3-Step with Compound Polish
$60 per pair  

Paint Transfer or Overspray Removal: 
Stop by our Seattle location to get a quote for your specific circumstances.   See #9.5 Complete Exterior With A Compound Polish on menu.   

Price: Quote upon inspection

*Removing the pollen buildup on Exterior Washes and Details:  While this is optional for Quick and Interior Detail Services, it is necessary for Exterior Details to be properly prepared before that buffing/polishing, and always before a good coat of wax is applied.                                       

Price:  Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $65.00/hr

Under the Hood:
  Engine detailing is primarily aesthetic.  Most car manufacturers do not recommend engine detailing unless requested by a professional before diagnostic testing and/or service.  Our technicians will choose the most appropriate way to accomplish your desired results depending on the make, model, year, and your intention.

Price: Quote upon inspection

Vehicle/Boat Storag
  Vehicles that are left in our care overnight without communication & pick-up may incur a fee of $20 each night.

Vomit, fecal matter, urine, and foods that easily spoil unexpectedly end up in our cars.  Please stop by or call the location nearest you and we will do our best to find the time to get you back in shape.
Timing may not allow us to do an entire detail package.

Cost will depend on duration of clean-up

Understanding Additional Services:  We cannot complete services without the proper preparation and time.  Our additional charges are a necessary part of our ability to meet your expectations set at the Service Explanation.  Declining suggested additional charges may change the outcome of your service and entire service cannot be guaranteed.

Please call for a Check-In Time/Appointment  
Seattle 206-297-1033

Prices as of January 2015. 
WA State Sales Tax will be collected on ALL transactions per WA State Department of Revenue
Pricing subject to change without notice.

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